Community Connection is a local community group based in and around Dundrum, Dublin 14. 

We seek to reach out to and provide supports to people living in direct provision accommodation within our local area.

There is information below on two supports that we are currently establishing. Information on further supports will be added as these initiatives are commenced.

You can contact us by emailing or by texting or telephoning Keith O'Malley at 086 388 8185.


Connection Meetings

A Connection Meeting take place every Monday in Dundrum Town Centre where people living in direct provision in and around Dundrum and the local area can meet with other residents.

All people living in the area who wants to attend these Connection Meetings is welcome. Discussion revolves mainly about living in direct provision and on opportunities to better integrate into local activities and organisations.

To attend Connection Meeting. please email or telephone/text 086 388 8185.

Career Care

Job seeking and career management support is made available free of charge to people who are living in direct provision accommodation through the Career Care initiative.

Volunteers with good knowledge of the job market and how careers can be best managed provide personalised support in one-to-one meetings that focuses on what the client want to achieve and all possible options that are available.

To organise support from a Career Care Advisor, please email or telephone/text 086 38 88185.